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Cessna - 180a skywagon, 1958
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Cessna - 180a skywagon, 1958

on request
25 March 2020
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Description of the engines:

Engine model Continental O-470-50
Engine serial number 50763
Engine TT 53h
Engine TBO 2000h
Engine TSO -
Last engine overhaul Factory re-built - P-PONK by Lycon (STC SE4988NM)
Remaining hours on engine 1947h
Remaining time on engine Recommended TBO 12 years

Propeller model McCauley D3A34C401/90DFA-4
Propeller serial number 190104
Propeller TT 53h
Propeller TBO 2000h
Propeller TSO -
Last propeller overhaul Factory new propeller - 01/2019
Remaining hours on propeller 1947h
Remaining time on propeller Until 01/2025


NAV/COM: Garmin GTN 650
Transponder: Garmin GTX 345
AudioPanel: Garmin GMA 345

USB sockets: True Blue Power Dual USB TA102
Electrical Horizon: Mid Continent Electrical Horizon 4300-311, lighted
Directional Gyro: Mid Continent Directional Gyro 3300-11, lighted

Turn Coordinator: Mid Continent Turn Coordinator 1394T100-3B, lighted
Clock: Mid Continent Clock MD90L, lighted
Altimeter: United Instruments Altimeter 5934PM-3A.250, lighted

Vertical Speed Indicators: United Instruments VSI 7000C.31, lighted
Airspeed Indicator: SIGMATEK, scale, lighted
NAV/GPS/VLOC Indicator: Garmin GI-106B

Engine monitor: Electronics International Inc. CGR-30P engine monitor with fuel flow, carb temp, amp option


Visual condition 10/10
Paint color (paint scheme) Custom paint
Last re-paint 2019
Signs Stickers


Visual condition 10/10
Seats type Velour
Interior color Grey/Yellow

Refurbishment of interior: Selkirk fiberglass interior kit B (STC SA00679SE)
Refurbishment of interior: Door steward (STC SA01120SE)
Refurbishment of interior: Aero Technologies SAF-T-STOP

Refurbishment of interior: McFarlane complete kit seat rails
Refurbishment of interior: McFarlane complete kit ruder pedal
Refurbishment of interior: All new controls: cowl flaps, carb heat, cabin air, cabin heat

Refurbishment of interior: New italian wool headliner, carpet and coushion.
Refurbishment of interior: Newest seats fully rebuild with new italian wool coushion


Details of refurbishment: Sea Plane West Engine Mount with mount installation kit B
Details of refurbishment: Acorn Welding complete exhaust system with higher diameter (STC SA97-33 and SA00780NY)
Details of refurbishment: Acorn Welding complete carb heater box

Details of refurbishment: Airforms Inc. complete baffle kit, orange seals
Details of refurbishment: Bracket Aero Filters (STC SA71GL)
Details of refurbishment: McFarlane push-pull controlls (throttle, prop, mixture)

Details of refurbishment: F. Atlee Dodge Aircraft Services LLC Firewall Battery Box (STC SA02333AK)
Details of refurbishment: Steves Aircraft Gascolator (STC SA01026SE)
Details of refurbishment: TLGW Titanium main landing gear (LH/RH), (STC SA01087SE)

Details of refurbishment: TLGW Titanium attaching hardware kit (wedge shims, bolts, washers)
Details of refurbishment: TLGW Titanium axle (LH/RH)
Details of refurbishment: TLGW Tail gear spring kit with titanium sadle (STC SA2359NM)

Details of refurbishment: Airframes Alaska 29 Bushwheels (STC SA01015SE)
Details of refurbishment: Airframes Alaska 6-Bolt Wheel and Brake kit
Details of refurbishment: Airframes Alaska 3400 Bushwheel Tailwheel Assembly (STC SA 01636SE)

Details of refurbishment: Great Lakes Aero Windshield SC-W/G: front (STC SA471GL), door both side buble (STC SA00897CH), rear both side
Details of refurbishment: P-PONK LH/RH outboard gear box bracket (STC SA4170NM)
Details of refurbishment: P-PONK LH/RH inboard landing gear angles

Details of refurbishment: P-PONK Beef Up Kit (STC SA2918NM)
Details of refurbishment: BAS Inc. Tail pull handle (STC SA3812NM)
Details of refurbishment: McFarlane complete Cable/Chain kit

Details of refurbishment: McFarlane complete Pulley kit
Details of refurbishment: Aeroled Landing SunSpot 36LX
Details of refurbishment: Aeroled TAXI SunSpot 36LX

Details of refurbishment: Aeroled Navigation/Position/Strobe (LH/RH)
Details of refurbishment: Aeroled Beacon, SunBeacon
Details of refurbishment: Aeroled Position/Strobe SunTail

Details of refurbishment: Hartwig/Monarch Premium primary tank 56 GAL each (STC SA2346CE)
Details of refurbishment: Hartwig/Monarch Premium auxliary tank 18 GAL each (STC SA00144WI)
Details of refurbishment: Hartwig/Monarch Premium cap set (STC SA2382CE)

Details of refurbishment: Electronics International Inc. P-300M magnetic fuel probe (LH/RH)
Details of refurbishment: Stene Aviation Sportsman STOL kit (STC SA2256WE)
Details of refurbishment: Stene Aviation: strut cuffs set, horizontal tip, tailcone, LH/RH tailwheel steering cable cover, vertical top

Details of refurbishment: Micro AeroDynamics Vortex Generators kit (STC SA01646SE)
Details of refurbishment: McFarlane flap roller complete kit
Details of refurbishment: McFarlane flap track

Details of refurbishment: McFarlane aileron hinge
Details of refurbishment: McFarlane complete kit new skin: flaps, ailerons, ruder, elevator

Status of the inspection:'

History of maintenance: 11/2019 - 50h inspection

Other comments:

Legendary Taildragger Cessna 180
Very good performance

Probably the best Cessna 180A on the market.
Aircraft after major refurbishment
Current Owner spent a lot of money and renovated this aircraft to to the first screw
New propeller
Overhauled engine
New avionics
All elements of the aircraft new or overhauled
Perfect condition of the aircraft

Location: Poland
Year: 1958
TTAF: 3883h

Serial number: 50160
Registration: N5262D - USA - FAA
History: In Poland since 2018, Fourth owner since new

Type of flights: Private flights
Seats: 1 3
Reason of sale: Other aviation project in progress

Owner: Private person
Availability: Immediately
Date of photo session: 03/2020

Check details

48 515 626 410


We offer this aircraft as exclusive broker - contact us for any questions

Taxes Private Seller
Worlwide delivery possible
Kept in private hangar
No damage history
All documents since new

Aircraft Subject to Prior Sale or Removal from Market without Notice
Specification Subject to Verification by Purchaser
Specification based on information from Owner and documents from CAMO and AMO organizations

Basic information:

Category: Single engine
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: 180a skywagon
Year: 1958
RAID (hours): 3883
Serial number: 50160

Information engine:

Make:: Continental O-470-50
Serial number: 50763
screw Model: McCauley D3A34C401/90DFA-4
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