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Boeing - 747-400 vip, 1991

Contact phone number on the ad page:

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Contact phone number on the ad page:

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Boeing - 747-400 vip, 1991

on request
02 November 2022


  • Communication Management: Unit Single Collins
  • Airplane Personality: Unit Single Collins
Altitude Alert System
  • Crew Alerting Card: Single BECO
Aircraft Condition Monitoring
  • Data Management Unit: Single Teledyne
  • Quick Access Recorder: Single Teledyne
Air Data Computing
  • Air Data Computer: Triple Honeywell
Air Data Standby
  • Standby Airspeed Indicator: Single Kollsman
  • Standby Altimter Indicator: Single TKK
AIR Traffic Control System
  • Dual ATC Control Panel: Single Collins
  • ATC Transponder: Dual Collins
Autopilot/Flight Director System
  • Computer-Flight Control: Triple Collins
  • Panel-AFCS Mode Control: Single Collins
  • Module - STAB Trim/Rudder: Dual Boeing
Automatic Direction Finder
  • ADF Receiver: Single Boeing
Distance Measuring Equipment
  • DME Interrogator: Dual Collins
Emergency Locator Transmitter
  • ELT Transmitter: Single ELTA
  • ELT Control Panel: Single BAE Systems
Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • EGPWS Computer: Single Honeywell
Flight Management Computer System
  • Flight Management Computer: Dual Honeywell
  • Flight Management Control Display: Triple Honeywell
Global Positioning System
  • Multi-Mode Receiver: Triple Collins
Integrated Display System
  • Integrated Display Unit: Six Collins
  • Integrated Interface Unit: Triple Collins
ILS Navigation System
  • Multi-Mode Receiver: Triple Collins
Radio Altimter System
  • Radio Altimeter Transmitter/Receiver: Triple Thales
Selcal System
  • Selcal Decoder: Dual Motorola
Standby Attitude Reference System
  • Standby Attitude Indicator: Single SFENA
  • Static Inverter/ILS Processor: Single SFENA
Standby Magnetic Compass
  • Standby Compass: Single AMETEK
Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
  • TCAS Computer: Single Collins
VHF Communication System
  • Transceiver A: Dual Collins
  • Transceiver B: Single Collins
  • Control Panel: Dual Gables
VHF Omnirange Navigational System
  • VOR/MKR Receiver: Single Honeywell
Voice Recorder System
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder: Single Fairchild
  • CVR Control Panel Unit: Single Farichild
  • Under Water Locator Device: Single Dukane
Weather Radar System
  • Weather Radar Control Panel: Single Collins
  • Weather Radar Receiver/Transmitter: Dual Collins


  • Base: White/Beige
  • Stripe: Red


  • Configuration: State Room | 4 Zones (B - E) | Galley | Upper Deck

Basic information:

Category: Turboprops
Manufacturer: Boeing
Model: 747-400 vip
Year: 1991
RAID (hours): 16

Contact phone number on the ad page:

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