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Agusta - Aw169 vip, 2023

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Agusta - Aw169 vip, 2023

По запросу
01 сентября 2023


Standard Avionics Package
  • Three Rockwell Collins Display Units 10" X 8" Colour AMLCD with LED Backlight and NVIS Compatibility: 2 Primary Flight Displays (PFD) and 1 Multi Function Display (MFD)
  • One Integrated Standby Instrument System (ISIS)
  • Two Display Control Panels (DCP)
  • Two Cursor Control Devices (CCD)
  • One Reversionary Control Panel (RCP)
  • One Display Dimming Panel
  • Two Master Caution Lights (MCL)
  • Two Master Warning Lights (MW/L)
  • Two Avionics Full Duplex Ethernet (AFDX) Switches
  • Aircraft Monitoring and Management System (AMMS)
  • Two Aircraft Monitoring & Management Computers (AMMC)
  • One Data Transfer Device (DTD)
  • Two Touch Screen Control Panels
  • Four Axis Automatic Flight Control System (AFCS)
  • Flight Control Computer (FCC)
  • One Flight Control System (FCS) Control Panel
  • Two VHF-AM Radios
  • Two NAV (VOR/ILS/MB) Receivers
  • One DME
  • One Transponder with Enhanced Surveillance Mode (Mode S)
  • First SBAS GNSS (GPS)
  • Second SBAS GNSS (GPS)
  • Two Audio Control Panels (Pilot and Co-pilot stations)
  • One Audio Management Unit Interfacing External Transceivers
  • One Passenger Intercom Amplifier
  • Two Flux Valves
  • Two Air Data and Attitude Heading. Reference Systems
  • One Radar Altimeter
  • Pilot Clock Integrated in the Display
  • Co-Pilot Clock Integrated in the Display
  • One Standby Magnetic Compass
Additional Navigation Management Systems / Capabilities
  • ADS-B Out with Provision for TCAS II
  • Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)
  • Flight Data Monitoring System (FDM)
  • Helicopter Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (HTAWS)
  • Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • RNP Approach with LPV/LP Minima
  • "RNP 0.3 Navigation in al Phase of Flight" FMS Capability
Avionics Equipment
  • Moving Map
  • Weather Radar Rockwell Collins RTA-4112 MultiScan - Provision
  • Weather Radar Rockwell Collins RTA-4112 MultiScan – Removable


Mission Equipment
  • Enhanced Vision System- MaxViz EVS-2300, Dual-band (IR and visible)
  • Increased Auxiliary Battery (33 Ah) - In Lieu of Standard 13 Ah Auxiliary Battery
  • Heavy Duty Battery (44 Ah) - In Lieu of Standard 33 Ah Main Battery
  • Obstacle Proximity LIDAR System (OPLS)
Additional Baseline Equipment
  • AW169 Enhanced Performance Pack
  • Maritime and Corrosion Protection
  • Steps for Cockpit / Cabin Access
  • Rotor Brake System
  • Second Radar Altimeter
  • One Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT - 3 frequencies) (fixed)
  • One Solid State Enhanced Airborne Flight Recorder (EAFR) with Provision for Image Recording and 90 Days ULB Battery (as per AIR OPS)
  • EAFR Functions Include the Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) Function, the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) Function, the Data Link Recording Function, and Image Recording Function Growth
Utility Equipment
  • Increased Gross Weight (4800 kg MTOW)
  • Baggage Compartment Extension
  • OEI Fuel Transfer System
  • Strobe Lights
  • Additional RH Side Gravity Refueling Point
  • Camera on the Tail Fin HD
  • Upper Deck Accessibility (RH side & LH side)
  • Lockable Fuel cap (Qty. 2) - Available on RH or LH Side
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) – Provision
  • Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) - Removable - Proposed as Retrofit After Delivery


  • Helicopter Comfort Package
  • Main Rotor Beanie
  • Environmental Control System (ECS) Dual Zone- Air Conditioning
  • Ripple Dampener Hydraulic System
  • VIP Interior with Rear Seats
  • VIP Composite Liners Leather/Leatherette Covered with Enhanced Soundproofing Extended for Rear Seats
  • Cabin Ambient Mood Multicolor - LED Lights, White LED Reading Light
  • Rear Cabin Windows (left and right)
  • Coat Hooks (Qty 4)
  • Inter-Communication System for all Passengers
  • Entertainment and Cabin Management System (CMS)
  • Control of Cabin Lights, Environmental Control System, and ICS Communications Through Fixed Touch-screen Panel and Peds
  • USB Data and Power Sockets
  • Manual Window for Separation Wall
  • VIP Cabin Finishing
  • Cabin and Cockpit Carpet
  • VIP Layout "Pearl 4 2 2"
  • Comfortable VIP Seat (18" Fixed) (Qtv 4)
  • Lower Panel for Fixed VIP Seat (Qty 4)
  • Armchair (19") Leather Covered Sliding and with Reclinable Backrest (forward facing) (Qty 2)
  • VIP Seats (18") in the Rear Cabin Bay (Qty 2)
  • Headset Bose A20 with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) (Qty 8)
  • Electrically Operated Cabin Dual Step (RH LH) (in lieu of standard step)
  • Passenger Cabin Tinted Windows
  • Hinged Passenger Doors (in lieu of sliding doors with dedicated liners)
  • Active Noise Reduction (ANR) for Cockpit
  • Approach Plates Chart holders with Lights for Pilot and Co-pilot (USB power outlet included)
  • VIP Cockpit Customization - Includes VIP Pilot Seat Trim, Light Cockpit Cabinet, Customized Leather Door Pocket, Customized Leather Cyclic and Collective Gaiters
  • Tablet Cradle for Chart Holders (loose equipment)
  • Headset Bose A20 with Active Noise Reduction (ANR) (Qty. 2)

Основная информация:

Категория: Helicopter
Производитель: Agusta
Модель: Aw169 vip
Год: 2023

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