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Cessna - 340, 1973
13 882 163 i
~189 000 $
~167 716 €
Имя продавца:
Jeff Clark
Centennial, CO USA

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Имя продавца:
Jeff Clark
Centennial, CO USA

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Cessna - 340, 1973

13 882 163 i
~189 000 $
~167 716 €
23 ноября 2021
Еще 7

Описание двигателей:

Continental TSIO-520NB w/ RAM Series VI Upgrade (41" MP & 335HP) w/ Micro AeroDynamics VG's and Gross Weight increase to 6,390lbs.
McCauley 3AF32C515 ScimitarPlus Props


-Garmin GTN-750Xi GPS/Nav/Com - Enjoy the speed, clarity & latest Garmin features that are not available on 1st generation GTN-750's
-Garmin GNS-430W GPS/Nav/Com (28-volt version)
-Garmin Flightstream 510 - Allows flightplan sharing and wireless database updating
-Garmin GMA-35c Remote Audio Panel w/ Garmin Telligence Voice Command and music source selection (including Bluetooth antenna for passenger device input)
-Garmin GTX-345 Mode A/C, S and ES Transponder with:
-Total Air Temp
-Pressure altitude readout
-Density altitude readout
-Internal AHRS
-Dual-link 1090MHz & 978MHz UAT ADS-B In, providing weather and traffic to the GTN, GNS and all portables on board.
-1090 MHz ADS-B Out
-JPI EDM-790 Engine Monitoring System
-Shadin DigiFlo-L provides fuel flow to both GTN-750Xi & GNS-430W
-S-Tec 55X Autopilot w/auto trim option and GPSS, Altitude Pre-select & alert via S-Tec 360 Annuciator
-RDR-150 Weather Radar (displayed on Avidyne FlightMax 650 FSD)
-WX-500 Stormscope (displayed on GTN-750Xi and Avidyne FlightMax 650 FSD)
-Appareo Stratus USB Charging Port - Dual port, 2.5 amps each
-Precision Aviation, Inc. PAI-700 Vertical Card compass
-King KR87 ADF
-6 place Intercom
Pilot side:
-Attitude Indicator - Electric Mid Continent 4300-411 w/battery backup
-HSI is a Collins PN-101 (connected to GTN-750Xi)
-S-Tec-500 Signal Steering Adapter for PN-101 HSI
-Encoding Altimeter - ARC EA-401A
-CDI - Garmin GI-106A (connected to GNS-430W)
-Pilot line-of-sight JPI Engine Master Alert light
-Starter-still-engaged Alert lights
-Davtron M811B Digital clock and timer
Co-Pilot Side:
-Fully Redundant Co-pilot Instruments with Independent Pitot/Static System
-Altimeter - 5934PA-1
-Attitude Indicator - Chelton - vacuum gyro
-King RMI KI-226


Grey/light blue leather and side walls w/ work table. Grey carpeting. Sound proofing. Done in 2000. Sheepskin pilot and copilot seats.
Blue over White - Painted in 1995, restored in 2020 by Top Flight Detailing
Additional Equipment:
-JB/Keith Air Conditioning - can pre-cool the cabin using a GPU!
-340A Large Cowl Openings = lower CHT's
-Full Deice: Pneumatic boots on outer wing & tail and Alcohol Deice on windshield
-Rosen Sunvisors
-Custom Window Shades
-LED Cabin Lighting
-Reiff Engine preheat system
-Dual 100 Amp Alternators
-Left and Right LED Wing Ice Lights
-All stainless steel exterior screws and Camlocks
-Both Pilot & Co-Pilot seats articulate up/down & recline
-Pilot & Co-Pilot LEMO & GA headset jacks, 4 passenger GA headset jacks
-2 cockpit USB power outlets
-163 gallons fuel - leaves storage space in both nacelle wing lockers for golf bags, etc.
-Whelen LED Strobe Lights
-Master Avionics switch
-Master Trim switch
-Master Autopilot switch
-Relief tube
-11 cu. ft. Oxygen
-Micro Aerodynamics Vortex Generators
-Cabin door extenders
-Battery Minder with battery conditioner

Другие комментарии:

Inspection Status:
Annual completed in Jan 2021 by the Twin Cessna experts at Arapahoe Aero at KAPA, Denver - Centennial Airport
Former N-numbers: N23RH, N3555, N340DP
All specifications and information provided is subject to verification upon inspection and is not a definitive representation. Aircraft, equipment and prices are subject to change without notice and are subject to availability, prior sale and/or removal from market.
I am a private seller, not a broker. Please contact me with any questions.

Dry country Cessna 340 - RAM Series VI with NDH, Great Avionics, JB/Keith Electric Air Conditioning, and more. Enjoy the safety trifecta of ADSB weather, On-Board WX Radar and Stormscope. Exceptionally well-maintained aircraft and meticulously cared for. Our only reason for selling this dependable 340 is that we want to step up in size to a 421C.
Tired of wasting time and money doing pre-buys on poorly maintained and mis-represented airplanes? We carefully maintain this personal aircraft and actively fly it with our families. Complete logbooks and extensive maintenance summary available. We don't skimp on maintenance, as you can tell from our recent annuals: 2020 Annual - $25,000, 2019 Annual - $19,900, 2018 Annual - $22,800, 2017 Annual - $16,300, 2016 Prebuy Inspection - $10,400, plus normal ongoing maintenance expenses each year.
We have priced the airplane accordingly at $189,000, considering the engines are just past TBO and are now fully depreciated. We know these engines add no economic value to the aircraft valuation but they continue to perform well. We have done regular oil changes, cut & inspected the filters each time and have the oil analysis for your review. You can continue to fly it on condition, per engine guru Mike Busch's recommendations, and apply the money saved towards the next overhaul. Then, you can control the overhaul process when the engines finally indicate it's time to do so.
Don't pay a premium price for "low-time" engines, only to find out that they ended up needing to be overhauled anyway!

5754 SNEW (Low-time, under 120hour/year average)
Maintenance done by the Twin Cessna experts at Arapahoe Aero - KAPA
All AD's complied with and tracked.
Following Improved Parts Installed:
-Cleveland Heavy Duty Brake Conversion
-Tempest Fine Wire Spark Plugs
-Slick Pressurized Magnetos
-Auto In-line fuel pumps for Aux tanks
Specs provided by RAM for the 335 hp Series VI STC:
Engine Model: Continental - TSIO-520NB
Horsepower: 335HP
TBO: 1,600 hours
Fuel - useable: 163 gal.
Takeoff Manifold Pressure @ 2700 rpm: 41" MP
Takeoff Runway Acceleration - 0 to 100 mph: 15 sec
Twin Climb - ISA - RAM VI 6,290 lbs: 1,930 fpm
Single Climb - ISA - RAM VI 6,290 lbs: 355 fpm
Climb Power - ISA 30°F: 2500 RPM & 35" MP
Cruise Climb - SL to 18,000 ft: 15 mins
Cruise speed @ 75% - ISA - 20,000 ft: 228 ktas
Cruise speed @ 65% - ISA - 20,000 ft: 213 ktas
Cruise speed @ 55% - ISA - 20,000 ft: 198 ktas
Useful Load Increase: 415 lbs.
Ramp Weight: 6,430
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Основная информация:

Категория: Multi engine
Производитель: Cessna
Модель: 340
Год: 1973
Налет (ч.): 5754
Серийный номер: 340-0229
Имя продавца:
Jeff Clark
Centennial, CO USA

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