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Beech - King air b200 gt, 2008

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Beech - King air b200 gt, 2008

По запросу
27 июня 2020


The Garmin G-1000 NXi Avionics Suite will Consist of the Following:
  • All-new Metal Instrument Panel
  • Dual Integrated Radio Modules, Providing WAAS-certified GPS; VHF Navigation with ILS; and VHF Communication with 16-watt Transceivers and 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz Channel Spacing (GIA 64E)
  • Dual Mode-S transponders with ADS-B Out and In (QTY: 1 GTX 345R and QTY: 1 GTX 335R)
  • Dual Solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference and Dual Digital Air Data Computers All in One System (GSU 75B)
  • Three-axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System (GFC 700)
  • Four-color Digital Weather Radar with Stabilization (GWX 75)
  • Integrated Class-B TAWS Terrain Alerting with Worldwide Terrain and U.S. Database
  • SXM Satellite Radio Datalink Receiver (GDL 69A)
  • RVSM Airframe Certification
  • Standby Instrument Package
Key NXi Upgrade Features:
  • Displays Initialize within Seconds After Start-up, Less Than 10 Seconds
  • Faster, Modern Processing Power that Supports Faster Map Rendering and Smoother Panning Throughout the Displays
  • Improved Readability with New LED Back-lighting, Increased Display Brightness as well as Improved Dimming Performance
  • Enables Simpler and Faster Replacement of LRUs
  • Automatically Loads Correct Software and Configuration to Replacement Unit
  • Takes Installed Options into Account
  • Reduces Need to Reload Entire System Software and Configuration when a Unit is Replaced
  • Unique Fleet and Configuration IDs Ensure the Correct Aircraft Configuration is Loaded
  • Higher Resolution 15” MFD
  • Optional Flight Stream 510 which Enables Database Concierge, Wireless Transfer of Aviation Databases from Garmin Pilot App
  • FS 510 Supports Two-way Flight Plan Transfer
  • Pilots can now Select Visual Approaches that will Provide Vertical Guidance based on a 3 Degree Glideslope. Pilots can Intercept and Fly a Visual approach Coupled to the Autopilot
  • HSI Map Overlay on PFD Supports Display of:
    • Weather Radar
    • FIS-B Weather (This feature is not available when TCAS II is installed with the G1000 Suite)
    • Safe Taxi
    • Relative Terrain
    • Sirrus XM Weather


  • Overall White with Ming Blue and Tibetan Gold Stripes


  • Beige Leather with Seven Seats
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Основная информация:

Категория: Private Jets
Производитель: Beechcraft
Модель: King air b200 gt
Год: 2008
Налет (ч.): 2

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