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Bombardier - 6000
Имя продавца:
Mike Caruso

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Имя продавца:
Mike Caruso

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Bombardier - 6000

По запросу
25 ноября 2021


• Rockwell Collins ProLine Fusion Avionics Suite
• Bombardier Vision Flight Deck Avionics Suite
• Head Up Display (HUD)
• Enhanced Vision System (EVS)
• Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
• Dual 3-Axis CAT II Capable Automatic Flight Control System
(AFCS) w/AutoThrottle & Autopilot
• Dual Integrated Flight Information System (IFIS)
w/Dual File Server Unit
• Four (4) 14”x11” Landscape Active-Matrix Liquid Crystal Displays
• Engine Indication & Crew Alerting System (EICAS)
• Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS)
• Integrated Electronic Standby Instrument (ISI)
• Triple VHF Comms
• Dual VHF Navigation Receivers
• Dual Auto Directional Finder (ADF)
• Dual Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
• Dual Radio Altimeters
• XM Graphical Weather
• MultiScan Weather Radar
• Triple Flight Management System (FMS)
• Single ADS w/Triple Air Data Computers (ADC)
• Triple Inertial Reference System (IRS)
• Terrain Awareness & Warning System (TAWS)
• Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) w/Change 7.1
• DataLink Capability
• Dual HFs w/SELCAL
• Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) – 2 Hours
• Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) – 25 Hours
• Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT)

FAR Part 135 Operations:
• Crew Force Measurement System
• Three (3) Pilot Crew for up to 12 hours (Cabin)

Navigation Compliance:
• CAT II Approach Capable
• ADS-B Out
• RVSM Compliant
• Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) w/Change 7.1
• EASA Capable
• EU Air OPS Part CAT Ops


• Surface Management System-Take Off & Landing Awareness Function (TLAF)
• Flight Compartment Printer (New September 2021)
• Flight Observer Seat
• Electric Accordion Type Window Shades
• Single Point Refuel System
• Passenger Service Unit (PSU)
• Useable Water Tank Storage (28.6 US Gallons)
• Two (2) Life Rafts w/406 MHz ELT
• Three (3) Smoke Detectors w/EICAS Annunciation
• Two (2) Tablet Based EFB Holders w/Charging Capability
• Electronic Charts
• Onboard Maintenance System (OMS)
• Two (2) Door Full Flow Type Thrust Reversers
• Quick Access Recorder
• Automatic Switch (Main Pax Door)
• Crew Oxygen w/Quick Donning Masks
• Independent Passenger Oxygen System
• 115V AC Service
• Nickel Cadmium Batteries
• Galley HD Touchscreen
• High Temp Oven
• Microwave
• Manual Coffee Capsule Machine
• Air Chiller (four perforated removable shelves)
• Chilled Drawer
• Twelve (12) Universal GFCI Electrical Outlets (Cabin)
• Five (5) Wireless Passenger Control Units (WPCU)
• Battery “ON” Reminder Light
• Paint Clear Coat Anti-Stain Band on Lower Engine Cowlings to Prevent Oil Stain


Flexible Interior Configuration from 14-16 Passengers: 14 Cabin Pax with Full Aft RH Bulkhead installed, 15 Pax with Bulkhead
Top Panel removed, 16 Pax including Crew Rest seat (Part 91)
• Forward Crew & Aft Passenger Lavatories
• Aft Cabin Bulkheads with Full Length Decorative Panels & Metal Inlays
• Ventilation Air Duct Covers Upholstered in Leather
• Custom Wool Carpeting
Entryway: Forward Galley with Crew Rest Area, Crew Lav and Electric Pocket Door
Forward Cabin: Four (4) place club seats
Mid Cabin: Four (4) place conference group with hi-lo table opposite a three (3) place divan (certified for 2 passengers take-off and landing due to emergency exit), electric pocket door for additional privacy
Aft Cabin: Two (2) single seats opposite a three (3) place divan (certified for 2 passengers take-off and landing with full bulkhead installed), removable RH bulkhead top panel (allows for use of forward divan position during take-off and landing)

• Honeywell JetWave MCS-8000 KA-Band HS Connectivity
• Honeywell Aspire 100 Dual Channel Iridium Telephone System
• Collins SAT-2200 Inmarsat Swift Broadband (SBB) Satellite System

• In-Flight Entertainment (IFC) w/Worldwide Maps & Cabin Briefing
• Cabin Management System w/Fiber Optic Network
• One (1) High-Definition Media Streamer w/Two (2) USB Ports
• Forward & Aft Bulkhead Mounted 24” HD Monitors
• Dual Blu-ray Player (CD/DVD/MP3)
• One (1) RJ-45 Port
• Two (2) USB Charging Ports
• Two (2) HDMI Ports
• Two (2) Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receivers
• One (1) Audio Input (Distribution to Speakers & Headphones)
• Three (3) HDMI Ports
• Ten (10) Speakers, Four (4) Subwoofers
(Audio/Visual System Connection)
• Three (3) Noise Cancelling Headsets
• Three (3) iPad Holders w/Articulating Arms & Charging USB Ports
(Plug into Side Ledge Receptacles Located Throughout the Cabin)
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Основная информация:

Категория: Private Jets
Производитель: Bombardier
Модель: 6000
Имя продавца:
Mike Caruso

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