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Tecnam - P2010 tdi, 2022
44 530 501 i
~521 327 $
~486 915 €
Netherlands, Groningen, EHGG
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Netherlands, Groningen, EHGG
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Tecnam - P2010 tdi, 2022

44 530 501 i
~521 327 $
~486 915 €
11 октября 2023
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Описание двигателей:

Introducing the opportunity of a lifetime! We have a pristine 2022 Tecnam P2010 TDI available for sale, and its a game-changer.

This aircraft boasts the cutting-edge Garmin G1000 Nxi cockpit with all the premium options you could dream of. From its first day, it has been pampered in a hangar, ensuring its impeccable condition. With absolutely no damage history and meticulous CAMO control, you can trust that youre getting the best of the best.

Why is the owner parting ways with this gem, you ask? He is embarking on an exciting new project, making this your golden chance to own this exceptional aircraft.

What truly sets this opportunity apart is that you wont have to endure the long lead-times from the factory. This Tecnam P2010 TDI is available right now, ready to soar into the skies with you. It is in an as-new condition, offering you a fantastic flying experience without any delays.

Dont miss out on this rare opportunity to own a 2022 Tecnam P2010 TDI with the latest technology, impeccable maintenance, and immediate availability. Contact us today to make your aviation dreams a reality.

Type: Tecnam P2010 TDI Mk. II (Premium Edition)
Registration: PH-WDB
Serial number: 170
Year of Manufacture: 2022
Total Time: 180 Hours

Type: Continental CD-170 (TAE 125)
Total Time: 180 Hours

Type: MT Propeller MTV-6R
Total Time: 180 Hours

Aircraft is in use, so hours can change

Fuel: Jet-A1/Diesel
231 Liters (61 US gal) usable / 240 Liters (63 US gal) total

65 % setting: 22 l/h, 112 kts @ 5000 ft
75 % setting: 24 l/h, 119 kts @ 5000 ft
Endurance 10 hrs @ 65%

Electric Starter
Fadec Power Lever
Tubular Steel Engine Mount
Engine Driven Vacuum Pump
Alternate Engine Air
Engine Exhaust muffler
Engine Driven Fuel Pump
Auxiliary Fuel Pump, Electric
Fuel Tank Quick Drain


Garmin G1000 NXi
G1000 Nxi Integrated Flight Deck System, includes:
GDU 1050 10-inches PFD
GDU 1050 10-inches MFD
Dual GEA 71 Engine & Airframe unit
Dual GIA 63WAAS Com/nav/GPS/GS/Loc
GMA1347 Digital audio system
GMU44 Magnetometer
GDC72 Air data computer
GTX345R Mode S Transponder (ADS-B In / Out)
GFC 700 Autopilot, including Electronic Stability & Protection (ESP)
MD 302 Standby Attitude Module
ELT 406
DME KING KN63 (Displayed on PFD)
ADF RA3502 (remote on G1000NXi)
Flight Stream 510 Garmin
TAS GTS 800 Garmin with Dual directional GA58 antennas
L-3 Storm Scope WX500 (remote on G1000NXi)


Portable Oxygen system for 4 people, includes:
1 Mountain High Oxygen System XCP-180-2P-MH4-F
1 Pilot Facemask W/MICROPHONE AMSKM-2000-02
3 Breathing station XCP-MH4

Tow Bar
Schleppmaxe electric powered tow bar


Special paint two colours & metallic (white Polyurethane Exterior Paint)
Epoxy Corrosion Proofing, All Structure
LH/RH Front Door Pilot/Co-Pilot, Lock and Key and RH Rear Door Passenger
RH Baggage Door with internal lock
All Lateral Windows Tinted

Exterior lights
Nav. Lights LED with Strobe Aveo Full LED TSO
External Power Supply Receptacle
Landing/Taxi Light LED


Premium Interior Edition
Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats Leather
Front seats Electrical Vertical Adjustment
Two Rear Passenger Seats Leather
Wall To Wall Carpeting
Hand Held Fire Extinguisher
Map & Storage Pockets
USB socket Type C
Overhead Cockpit Speaker
Four Position Intercom System

Cabin comfort system
Soundproofing Windshield Defroster
Ventilator adjustable, 4 Place
Heating System
Carbon monoxide Detection System

Flight instruments and indicators
Magnetic Compass
Pitot System Heated
Static System
Alternate Static Source
Stall Warning Audible
Stabilator Trim Position Indicator
Rudder Trim Position Indicator

Flight controls
Hydraulic Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Electrical Flaps
Dual Flight Controls
Castering Nose Wheel
Aileron Lock and Elevator Lock
Flight Trim Controls (Rudder with Indicator / Stabilator with Indicator)

Electrical system
Alternator, 28 Volt, 60 Amp
Battery, 24 Volt 8.0 AH
Circuit Breaker Panel
Rocker Switches (Master Switch / Fuel Pump)

Другие комментарии:

Including full documentation:
Product Support/Documents
Pilots Operation Handbook
Aircraft Log Book
Engine Log Book
Propeller Log Book

Including Jepesen Pilot Pack Europe (4 devices, including G1000NXi). Valid till May 2024
График изменения цен:
Дата: Цена:
11 Oct 2023 52 410 258 i
12 Oct 2023 52 688 281 i ↑ 278 023 (0.5%)
13 Oct 2023 51 220 916 i ↓ 1 467 365 (-2.8%)
14 Oct 2023 51 458 735 i ↑ 237 819 (0.5%)
15 Oct 2023 50 998 374 i ↓ 460 361 (-0.9%)
18 Oct 2023 51 086 297 i ↑ 87 923 (0.2%)
19 Oct 2023 51 250 599 i ↑ 164 302 (0.3%)
20 Oct 2023 51 197 023 i ↓ 53 576 (-0.1%)
21 Oct 2023 50 425 855 i ↓ 771 168 (-1.5%)
22 Oct 2023 50 583 524 i ↑ 157 669 (0.3%)
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Основная информация:

Категория: Single engine
Производитель: Tecnam
Модель: P2010 tdi
Год: 2022
Налет (ч.): 180
Серийный номер: 170

Информация о двигателе:

Марка:: Continental CD-170 (TAE 125)
Общее время: 180 h
Модель винта: MT Propeller MTV-6R
Общее время винта: 180 h
Netherlands, Groningen, EHGG
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