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Cessna - Citation xls, 2007

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Cessna - Citation xls, 2007

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29 апреля 2021


This cockpit has been upgraded to meet all latest demands and features such as ADSb-out and WAAS/LPV. The high level of avionics including Flight Data Recorder, TCAS 7.1, ELT 406 etc assures the aircraft fulfills the regulations for commercial operation within the EASA countries.
Honeywell Primus 1000
  • EFIS: Honeywell P-1000, Dual 8” x 7”
  • MFD: Honeywell P-1000, Single 8” x 7”
  • Communication: Dual Honeywell RCZ-833
  • Navigation: Dual Honeywell RNZ-850
  • ADF: Dual Honeywell DF-850
  • Transponder: Dual Honeywell XS-852B w/ ADSb-out
  • Autopilot: Honeywell P-1000
  • Flight Director System: Honeywell EFIS 1000
  • Radar: Honeywell DF-880
  • DME: Dual Honeywell DM-850
  • Radio Altimeter: Honeywell AA-300
  • FMS System: Dual Universal UNS-1Ew w/ WAAS/LPV
  • GPS: Garmin GMX200
  • EGPWS: Allied Signal Mark V Windshear Alert
  • TCAS II: TCAS 2000 software ver. 7.1
  • Flight Data Recorder: Honeywell JAA FDR
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder: L3 Communications FA 2100 CVR
  • ELT: Artex 406 ELT
  • RVSM: Yes
  • SATCOM: Aircell 3100 Satellite Phone


Exterior in Excellent Condition! All over White with Stripes. Repainted 2019!


The interior of the aircraft was refurbished in 2018 and is in near new condition! It has the most desired Citation XLS cabin arrangement which seats Nine passengers.

The interior is configured with a center club arrangement seating four and two aft forward-facing seats. The forward part of the cabin has a right-hand side-facing 2-place couch and a left hand deluxe refreshment center. On the opposite side a closet for storage. Aft, you will find a belted private lavatory with flushing toilet (externally serviceable) and sliding doors for privacy.

The cabin is equipped with an AvVisor Plus system with a Moving map which is presented on a 10.4 inch display in the right hand forward closet. The aircraft has a Dual Channel ST-3100 Iridium Satellite phone system with two handsets – one in the cabin and one in the cockpit.
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Основная информация:

Категория: Turboprops
Производитель: Cessna
Модель: Citation xls
Год: 2007
Налет (ч.): 6

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