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Embraer - Phenom 300, 2016

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Embraer - Phenom 300, 2016

По запросу
22 сентября 2022


Standard Avionics and Communications
  • Garmin Prodigy TouchTM/G3000 Integrated Flightdeck
  • Garmin GDU-1400W Flight Displays
  • Garmin GIA-63W Integrated Radio Systems
  • Garmin GMA-36 Marker Beacons
  • Garmin GRS-77 AHRS
  • Garmin GWX-70 Weather Radar
  • L3 FA5000 Cockpit Voice Recorder
  • Kannad 406AF Emergency Locator Transmitter
Optional Avionics and Systems
  • Inmarsat WIFI/Voice – Cobham Aviator 200
  • GOGO WIFI – ATG-5000 with Text and Talk
  • HF Radio – Honeywell KRX-1053 with CSD-714 Selcal
  • XM Weather and Radio Receiver - Garmin GDL-69A XM
  • Flight Data Recorder (CAT.IDE.A.190) - L3 FA2100
  • Radio Altimeter - Honeywell KRA-405B
  • Distance Measuring Equipment - Honeywell KN63
  • Dual Mode S/ADS-B Out Transponders - ACSS RCZ-852
  • TCAS II Version 7.1 - ACSS 3000SP TCAS II (Version 7.1)
  • ADF System - Collins ADF-462
  • VHF Datalink/CPDLC – Garmin GDR-66
  • SAT Datalink/CPDLC – Garmin GDL-59/GSR-56
  • Garmin Ground Clutter Suppression / Turbulence Detection
  • Garmin Runway Alerting Advisory System / Surface Watch
  • Garmin Electronic Jeppesen Charts
  • Garmin Synthetic Vision System (SVS)
  • Ice Detection System
  • TAWS Class A


New 2016 by Embraer, Melbourne, Florida (Rating 8.5 ). Brand Paint Scheme in Flag Blue and Gray Pearl with Pearl White and Cascadian Gray Trim.


Cabin Interior – New 2016 by Embraer, Melbourne Florida (Rating 8.5 )
The passenger cabin of Phenom 300 s/n 345 incorporates a forward left-hand side deluxe refreshment center with MAPCO hot liquid containers and ample room for glass and tableware. Woodwork is finished in Quarter Figure Sapeli. Ceiling, sidewall, and valance panels in finished in China White Ultraleather. Lower side panels are finished in Charcoal Nubuk Leather.

Seat accommodations are for nine passengers with a belted lavatory seat, a forward two-place side facing divan, a center four-place club, and two forward facing seats in the aft part of the cabin. Seats are finished with Zodiac Leather and nickel plating throughout.
Passenger Accommodations
Passenger communications consist of both Aviator 200 Iridium Voice/Internet for international operations, and Gogo ATG-5000 Internet with Text and Talk for US domestic operations. For passenger entertainment, the cabin features a CD Player, input for portable media players, XM radio, and a Rosen Bluetooth passenger fl ight display. Three 115V Outlets and two USB Power Ports are available for personal electronic devices. The main cabin is equipped with speakers and a subwoofer. The lavatory incorporates both an externally serviced toilet and vanity with sink and a hot water dispenser. A rigid dual sliding privacy door separates the lavatory from the main cabin.
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Основная информация:

Категория: Turboprops
Производитель: Embraer
Модель: Phenom 300
Год: 2016
Налет (ч.): 1

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