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Hawker - 750, 2008

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Hawker - 750, 2008

По запросу
13 августа 2020


  • COMM 1: Collins VHF-4000 Digital CNS Radio Transceiver (118.000 to 136.975 MHz in 8.33 KHz spacing increments), Tuning through Either CDU-6200 or through CTL-23C
  • COMM 2: Collins VHF-4000 Digital CNS Radio Transceiver (118.000 to 136.975 MHz in 8.33 KHz spacing increments), Tuning through Either CDU-6200
  • NAV 1: Collins NAV-4000 VOR/LOC/GLS/ ADF/Marker Beacon Receiver, Tuning through Either CDU-6200 or Through the CTL- 23
  • NAV 2: Collins NAV-4500 VOR/LOC/GLS /Marker Beacon Receiver Tuning through Either CDU-6200
  • IFIS: Collins Integrated Flight Information System with Single FSU-5010 File Server Unit
  • GPS: Single Collins GPS-4000A 12 Channel GPS Receiver
  • Full Performance FMS Database (performance and V speeds)
  • Transponders: Dual TDR-94D, Enhanced Surveillance with Flight ID, Diversity Transponders with Dual Antennas, Tuning through either CDU-6200
  • DME: Dual Collins DME-4000 with DME Information being Displayed on AFD's
  • AHRS: Dual Collins AHC-3000 Attitude Heading Reference System Includes: Dual FDU-3000 Flux Detector Units, Slaved and DG Heading Modes
  • ADC: Dual Collins ADC-3000 Air Data Computers - RVSM Capable Altimetry System
  • FMS: Single Collins FMS-6000 Flight Management System with Navigational Inputs from GPS Receiver, NAV's, and DME's
  • CDU: Dual Collins CDU-6200 Control Display Units for FMS and Radio Control
  • Flight Display System: Pro Line 21 System with Three AFD-301O Adaptive Flight Displays (pilots PFD and MFD and copilots PFD) and One Graphical AFD-301 OE Adaptive Flight Display (copilots MFD); Pilots MFD Incorporates an Engine Indicating (El) System
  • Checklist Display: Normal and Emergency Checklists Displayed on Co-pilot's MFD - Operator Checklist Edit Software Provided
  • Maintenance Diagnostics Computer: Collins MDC-3110 Maintenance Diagnostics Computer, Displays Maintenance Information on MFD and Downloads through the DBU-4100 (shared with the FMS)
  • Automatic Flight Guidance System: Dual Collins FGC-3000 Flight Guidance Computers, Single Autopilot System, Yaw Damper, FGP- 3000 Flight Guidance Panel, and Mach Tri (integral to autopilot system) - System has Category ll Approach Capability
  • Audio System - Dual DB Systems Digital Control Audio Panels
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder - Universal CVR- 120 with 2 Hour Recording Capability
  • Weather Radar - Collins TWR-850 Turbulence Weather Radar (RTA- 858 receiver/transmitter/ antenna) with Display Capability on any AFD
  • Radio Altimeter - Single Collins ALT-4000 Radio Altimeter, Measures Altitude up to 2,500 Feet AG L, Displayed on PFD's
  • TCAS 11: Collins TCAS-4000 Traffic Alert Collision Avoidance System
  • Secondary Flight Display System: Meggitt Mark II Secondary Flight Display System with Independent Air Data Unit - Displays Attitude, Altitude, Airspeed, Heading, NAV Course Deviation, and Glideslope
  • Standby Radio Tuner - Collins CTL-23C
  • ELT: Artex C406-N (SAR type) with Integral Latitude/ Longitude Information
  • Angle-of-attack System with Remote Mechanical AOA Indicator Adjacent to Pilot's PFD (with selected Vref Setting being Indexed by marker on the airspeed tape)
  • EGPWS: Honeywell Mark V Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System (EGPWS) with Wind Shear Detect Ion (satisfies FAA Class A & B TAWS requirements)
  • Cockpit Speaker Inhibit Switch
  • Collins FMS Database Update Service - 1" Year Only
  • Enhanced Map Overlays with One Year Subscription


  • Overall White with Pacific Blue and Dove Gray Striping Clear Glass and Windshields


  • Luxurious 8 Passenger Interior
  • Soft Beige Leather Seating and Panels
  • Mahogany Wood Trim and Cabinets
  • Polished Brass Fixtures throughout Cabin
  • Earth Tone Wool Pile Carpeting
  • 4 Individual Club Chairs Forward
  • Side Facing Three-place Divan Opposite a Single Club Chair in the Cabin Aft Fully Enclosed Aft Lavatory
  • Forward Galley with Microwave and Coffee Maker
  • Airshow 4000 System (Including 2 15" displays)
  • 2 DVD Players
  • Collins Remote Control
  • Touchscreen Controllers
  • Passenger Briefing System
  • Four Channel XM Radio
  • Enhanced Refreshment Center Package
  • Vestibule Door
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Основная информация:

Категория: Turboprops
Производитель: Hawker
Модель: 750
Год: 2008
Налет (ч.): 595

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